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Use your skills and talent to contribute to your community. Choose from a variety of programs and opportunities to provide stability for local families making your community safer, healthier, and happier.
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View our open opportunities

All of our opportunities are listed on our VolunteerMatch page.

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Earn Community Service Credits

Student volunteers

If you are looking to volunteer with us to fulfill a service learning credit for school please plan ahead. We recommend contacting us 6 weeks in advance to ensure that the experience will be beneficial to both you and your community.

See our active volunteer opportunities on our VolunteerMatch page.

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Volunteer opportunities

Spread the word

Many at-risk families aren't aware that Midtown can prevent them from becoming homeless.

Requirements: * Ability to walk 2-3 miles in casual clothing with no images/words * COVID-19 Vaccination

Availability: 9:00 - 11:00 am, 1:00 - 3:00 pm

You can help by distributing flyers to nearby neighborhoods to bring awareness of Midtown's services to those who need them.

Office assistance

Organizing and delivering critical, and life-changing services requires lots of organization, documentation, and paperwork.

Requirements: * COVID-19 Vaccination

Availability: 9:00 am - 5:00 pm

You can help your community by assisting with tasks around the office like organizing documents and making copies.

Become a Midtown Ambassador

Forge stronger partnerships between Midtown, our partners, and our community.

Requirements: * COVID-19 Vaccination

You can help increase awareness of Midtown Family Services by staffing booths at local non-profit events and educating the community about Midtown Family Services.

Get involved in your community

Invest in your community with the confidence that your contribution will provide support for families with the greatest need.

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Use your energy and skills to provide support for local families and make your community healthier and happier.

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Provide funding or services to previously incarcerated individuals and want to help? Contact us today.


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