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No hardworking family deserves to live one expense away from homelessness

Help address the devastating consequences of rising cost-of-living, incarceration, and housing insecurity.

Become a patron of your community and invest in your neighbors today, providing stability for local families and making your community safer, happier, and healthier.

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Midtown Family Services is an IRS recognized 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Your donation is tax deductible.

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Invest in those who need it most

Our comprehensive vetting process ensures that your investment supports families with the greatest need. Our donors, volunteers, and staff have helped us direct over one million dollars to prevent homelessness, youth incarceration, and help local families with emergency expenses.

When you invest in your community through Midtown Family Services, you have the choice to direct your donation to a preferred cause or put it in our general fund to be invested in community services at our discretion to individuals and families most in need.

Local families assisted annually

We meet the needs of over 1,800 local families each year.

Of families stay housed

A large majority of our clients maintain housed status after working with us.

+ 540
More families housed

Our goal is to serve 30% more families and individuals over the next two years by 2024

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If you are interested in donating securities to Midtown Family Services, provide the information shown below to your securities broker and they should be able to complete the transfer.

Once received, Midtown Family Services will immediately convert them into cash to support our organization.

Financial Institution: LPL Financial
DTC Clearing: 0075
For Further Credit to LPL Account #: 4337-0388
For Further Credit to LPL Account Name: Midtown Family Services

We partnered with CARS to take care of everything from the pick-up and sale to sending you the donation receipt and necessary tax documents. CARS is committed to treating every vehicle donor with gratitude and great service while delivering the highest possible returns to our partners.

To date, CARS has returned more than $300 million to our nonprofit partners because of vehicles donors like you. Thank you!

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Housing is the foundation of family

Our programs drive our mission of creating a community in which everyone has access to safe and affordable housing.

Re-Entry Services

Homeward Bound uses a Housing First strategy to meet the immediate housing needs parolees have upon return, for 1 year, so that motivated individuals are able to obtain stable incomes sufficient to continue paying for housing and other personal needs on their own.

Family Services

We provide support for hard working families to help them become economically stable. Support comes in the form of both financial and social support, which may include emergence economic relief, family counseling, small debt relief, and parenting classes.

I couldn't see the light at the end of the tunnel

While enduring unemployment, homelessness, and the challenges of single-motherhood, Elena’s resilience secured her not just one — but two jobs to provide for herself and her daughter.

And yet, despite her resolve, Elena still couldn't afford the move-in costs to rent housing for her family.
With the support of our donors, Elena was able to put down a deposit on a house and secure a home for her daughter.

Make our community happier and healthier

We help Silicon Valley families learn to make decisions and take actions that help them stay happy, healthy, and financially secure.


Family empowerment

We help Silicon Valley families learn to make decisions and take actions that help them stay happy, healthy, and financially secure.

Homelessness Prevention

Case management

Personalized support for homeless families to providing services that promote stability and structure.

Homelessness Prevention

Emergency rental assistance

Prevent homelessness by supporting families who've endured a critical crisis and are at risk of losing their homes.

Homelessness Prevention

Security deposit assistance

Financial assistance for families that can afford rent, but can't afford the initial move in costs.


Homeward Bound program

A one-year program designed to help former inmates find employment, open a bank account, and integrate back into their community.


Family ServicesRe-Entry Services

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Midtown Family Services is an IRS recognized 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.

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