Re-Entry Services

Our 1-year program helps formerly incarcerated individuals integrate back into their community

We guide and support formerly incarcerated individuals and help them reconnect with their community, obtain stable incomes, self-sufficiency, and create lasting social and financial resilience.
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Re-Entry Program

Homeward Bound Re-Entry Services

A comprehensive 1-year program for individuals who are leaving state prison.

Get Housed

Safe and stable housing

Housing is the most important part of our re-entry program. We connect you with quality housing where you'll have your own space and a network of support from other individuals in our program.

Gain Confidence

Workforce preparation

Finding employment can be one of the most challenging aspects of returning to your community. We can help connect you with quality employment.

Be Well

Get happy and healthy

Whatever being happy means to you, we'll help you get there. Whether it's fulfilling employment, meeting new friends, or reconnecting with old ones — we’re here to make it happen.

Move Forward

Put prison behind you

Our support network and community partners will help you close out the previous chapter of your life, help you pick up where you left off, or start fresh.
Housing first

Guaranteed housing for 1-year

The success of our re-entry clients — reconnecting with family, finding employment, and achieving happiness and self-sufficiency — is predicated on safe, stable housing.

Re-Entry homes

We own and operate homes where 6-8 formerly incarcerated individuals can share expenses equally and build a network of support.

Stipends for family

We provide stipends and reimbursements for friends and family who can provide stable housing for our Re-Entry clients.

Private apartments

We help secure rental deposits and rent assistance in private apartments in the Silicon Valley area.

Sober living

Clients at risk of addiction or those who prefer a sober environment can request to be housed in sober living environments.
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Are you formerly incarcerated?

Is Homeward Bound right for you?

All Homeward Bound clients receive 1-year of personalized re-entry support.

Participants must be willing to: 1. Find employment 2. Meet with providers 3. Open a savings bank account 4. Link in with public benefits 5. Meet with a case manager on a regular basis

You do not need to be on parole or probation to be eligible for this program. If you are on parole or probation, you must provide your CDC number and/or parole or probation contact information.

Capacity is limited. Contact us today if you are interested in participating.

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Comprehensive Support

Re-Entry Services

Oftentimes it's relatively small things that can have a dramatic effect on an individual's successful re-entry into their community. Small outstanding debts, fees, transportation, and minor medical expenses can become roadblocks.
We designed our comprehensive 1-year program to address both the major aspects of re-entry (employment, family, community) and the important details that are easily and often overlooked.

College & trade school

With the cost of an education continuing to rise, we provide aid depending on your financial need, cost of attendance, and more.

Driver license

Assistance with education and fees associated with obtaining or replacing a driver license.

Glasses & hearing aid

Being able to see and hear helps clients secure and maintain employment, communicate more effectively, and learn new skills.

Transit cards

We can create a plan that supports finding the best and most affordable transportation for you.

Small debt assistance

The strain of dealing with debt can be emotionally burdensome. We help individuals become and stay debt-free.

Workwear & interviews

We help you look and feel your best by covering up-front costs for interview attire and required on the job personal protective equipment.

Mental health support

You may be reluctant to admit you need support. Don't let the fear of being labeled with a mental illness prevent you from seeking help.

Reconnect relationships

Build a resilient network of support by reconnecting with your family, friends, and community.
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We're committed to you

Midtown has a proven track record of success

Re-Entry clients still housed

The vast majority of our re-entry clients maintain housed status after working with us.

Growth Target

Last year we housed 60 formerly incarcerated persons. Our current growth target is 120.

Cost to house 1 person

It costs $9,600 to provide 1 year of quality housing to each participant.

Get involved in your community


Use your energy and skills to provide support for local families and make your community healthier and happier.


Invest in your community with the confidence that your contribution will provide support for families with the greatest need.

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